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07-27-2008, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by franchise player View Post
My sister got a ticket because her student card was expired by about 2-3 days!!! She was about the get her new one done when they gave her the ticket. She was crying, it was about 300$ and she couldn't afroid it, of course. The cop said : "I know you cannot afroid it, but here's your ticket" . ! wow
Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
damn bureaucrats.... they said they wanted to put cops in every metro station to make it more "safe" and "secure", but the true goal was to give tickets... and more tickets. Every morning, going to work, I spot one kid like youself getting a ticket for the exact same reason. These cops should be ashamed of themselves... such tools of the system.
Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
wow that is the stupidest fine i've ever heard of. Getting fined for having the wrong metro pass? ****in idiots. Looking to plunder the people more are we?

Go stop criminals instead of wasting time on that ****.

I don't understand this, the rules are pretty clear, just follow them and you're fine. I mean, you have a clear expiration date on your student card, with the guys even coming to school so you don't have to go yourself and they give you until October to get one. Not only that, but the rules on who can and can't get a card is on the behind of every card... and most people have them since high school. I don't see how the cops are in the wrong here, do you hate them for doing their jobs?

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