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07-27-2008, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Kareem Anderson View Post
I don't understand this, the rules are pretty clear, just follow them and you're fine. I mean, you have a clear expiration date on your student card, with the guys even coming to school so you don't have to go yourself and they give you until October to get one. Not only that, but the rules on who can and can't get a card is on the behind of every card... and most people have them since high school. I don't see how the cops are in the wrong here, do you hate them for doing their jobs?
I hear what you are saying, but surely you can see that heavily fining a real student over a technical defect as opposed to out and out fraud is just plain ridiculous.

For the same reason that there are such low student rates there should also be applicable fines for student violations. Fining a HS student or even a college student so heavily is just not right.

There should be fines that fit the issue. I refuse to call a high school student forgetting to renew a card in a timely fashion a crime

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