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07-27-2008, 04:55 PM
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These are the lines I expect from the start of the season. Due to that fact I've taken a couple of things into consideration.

-Because we have made so many changes I think Renney will play Staal with Rozi and Redden with Girardi. That might not be my option longterm -- but it makes sense from a chemistry point of view. We got so many new parts so that is important.

-I think Dubinsky Is our 2nd best center and maybe our 4th best forward. But I am sure that Renney don't mind playing him in a role with lesser expectations then he would get on a 2nd line. Our 3rd line also won't play much less then our 2nd line. In that sense -- I also think Dubinsky is the best fit for the 3rd line. Like I think Dubinsky would do better with Fritsche and Cally for example then Drury would. So I got Dubinsky on a 3rd line to start the season; for above mentioned reasons. I defenitly belives that he could advance during the season.

So for game 1 of the season I expect these units:

1st unit:
Comment: For certain type of players Scott Gomez is the easiest guy in the world to play with -- for others he is a quite tricky linemate. He loves to take the puck up ice and he wants it all the time. He is programmed to transport it safe and to make sure it gets down deep. A forward who thrived down low -- but not so much in the neutral zone -- loves to play with Gomer. Someone who creates allot of offense on transition from the redline and in; can be kind of shut out by Gomez in that area. Dawes is a decent fit with Gomez and they got some chemistry. And Näslund is also a decent fit; and he got the experience to make it work. He is the sniper who can capatilize on Gomez passes. The downside is that this line don't got much pucksupport on the circle down low. Just like Dawes-Gomer-Shanny was a tad light once they got into the attackingzone; and therefor had some problems with creating prolonged pressure, thats also the weakness with this line.

Roszival on the blueline is also a good fit with Gomer. Rozi likes to hold on to the puck for a couple of D to D passes before he leaves it over to someone who have sought out open ice.

Comments: Drury's success with Thomas Vanek speaks for it self. Drury is a very demanding player according to several accounts. He sees the overall picture on the ice and he can do a bit of everything. He also got the prioritys pinned down -- its not about how its done on the ice; what matters is that it gets done. That will help someone like Zherdev. I also belives that Drury in his turn will be a diffrent player playing with someone like Zherdev. Chris needs help with taking the puck ice, and Z can certainly do that. Prucha is also a highenergy player who always gives 120% as everyone knows. His intensity will be important for the other two. Someone who nevers takes a shift off et c. Prucha and Z might develop some chemistry on their own too.

I also think that its especially important for guys like Drury and Zherdev to play with a D who can go above and beyond when it comes to delivering a first pass. Zherdev needs someone who can spring him on a breakaway, and Drury needs someone who can get him past the first wave of forecheckers. It would be of great help for thoose 2 to play with Wade Redden.

Comment: Dubinsky is so good at taking the puck up ice that I think that he can carry a linemate like Voros. The benefit with having Voros on that line is that he is a player who creates allot of havoc on the ice. This line would most defenitly be a pain in the ass to play against. I thought Dubi really picked up his intensity to when he got to play with Avery last season (Avery-Dubi-Jagr) and I envision the same kind of intensity form this line. I also think both Cally and Dubi would benefit from having a big body on their line.


However, some things will have changed come PO time. First of all I think Dubinsky is to good not to have in a very prominant role. I think Sangs will have been brought up to help the PP. I also think the Anisimov and Korpikoski have won spots on the team.

Comment: Would be our "super unit". I think they could develop allot of chemistry. Rozsival isn't the offensive type of D who needs to be played with a defensive D; he did fine playing with Thomas Pöck. Sangs would bring some much needed offensive punch to the blueline.

Comment: I am trying to recapture the Näslund-Morrison-Bertuzzi unit! Seriously though, this team desperatly needs a big body who got some offensive skills. I don't see Anisimov on the wing down the line in the NHL; but just like Malkin he could play some wing early in his career. He is very good when it comes to tempo changing and crashing the net. He is also strong on the puck in the corners. I think he makes this line complete.

They would be backed up by a very solid D pairing.

Comments: Allot of guys on HF pulling their hair over Renney's decision to promote Betts; but in Tom's mind he lets Prucha and Korpi do their stuff offensivly while Betts takes care of the defensive aspects.

Betts and Korpi also forms a outsanding PK pair.

Comments: A real energy line.

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