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07-28-2008, 11:56 AM
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I've said this before and i'll say it again ...

Retiring a jersey in Montreal is a GREATER honor than making it it to the Hall of Fame. Some teams retire players like Tie Domi and the like... we're not one of those teams.

There is simply no way in the world that Koivu will ever get into the hall of fame. He won't even get nominated. He will not even be considered. So how anyone can suggest he deserves to have his number retired with the likes of the rocket and the flower is totally beyond me.

Koivu was a good player, not great, a good player who led a very weak team through several injury riddled seasons.

His teams missed the playoffs more times than they made it, they never advanced passed the 2nd round other than one time, if memory serves me. He never led the league in any catagory, nor was he ever anywhere near the top ten (20? 50?) in scoring. Note that he played as a SCORING first line center. Also note that MOST of his carrear, he was OUTSCORED by his own teammates. Do we retire all of their numbers too??

Yes he does tons of charity work, and yes he beat cancer and yes he was the captain for a long time. But if we started retiring the numbers of players with such a mediocre history you'd quickly run out of numbers.

This just isn't going to happen folks.

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