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Originally Posted by Kovalev the Great View Post
Its so true... that's why I have a problem with playing lats on the bottom two lines... not because its called the 3rd or 4th line, but because the type of player that would make him produce are all on our top 6.

he didn't play sensationnal hockey, but he was never really paired with players who made him look good either...

where do you think he stands in the lineup next season?
It's a Catch 22, Lats will produce more with a set up man rather than a grind line, at least imo. The line itself may not produce as much, if that makes any sense. Lats needs a setup man to improve but if he's not improved he doesn't get a setup man.

What's best for Lats may not be best for the team as it's not simply about him.

Higgins can play on a line that involves puck pressure then making the opposition pay for turnovers, Lats can't. I'd like to see the younger Kostityn with Higgins and Chipchura, and Koivu with Lats and Tanguay.

If that worked, it would give tremendous balance and different looks from every line. It depends on how far along Latendresse and Chipchura re next year, smae goes for Lapierre.

If 2 out of those 3 aren't improved, then it's a grind line for them.

Originally Posted by Erika Kostitsyn View Post
I'm sorry ?! What ?! Works his ass off every night ?!?! The guy dissapeared in 50% of the games we saw in the season and I'm not even talking about his poor playoffs performance 2 times in a row.

Most of the times, Higgins was doing nothing, floating around on the ice and when he had some scoring chances, 19 out of 20 times he missed the net or shot the puck on the goalie's chest !! I mean come on, Higgins was the most inconsistent 25 goals scorer I've ever seen !! Put another player with some decent offensive skills in Higgins place and he would have at least 35-35= 70 points.

How many 35-35 guys were in the league last year ? There seems to be a shortage of decently skilled players.

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