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07-28-2008, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by mitchmagic View Post
So I'm looking at my ticket today and I remembered the cop telling me, if I don't pay they will issue a warrant for my arrest...

BULL ****! On the back of the ticket it says if you don't pay it will be regarded as a not guilty plea! All these cops want is the ****ing money.


I'd read it again.

Unless the ticket is radically different from a traffic ticket, you need to actually fill out the section regarding the not guilty plea and send it in to the court to register it. Paying the ticket automatically registers as a guilty plea, and simply ignoring the ticket also automatically registers as a guilty plea + you get additional fines for not paying the ticket on time.

I love how everyone gets pissed off at the cops as if they have some sort of choice in the matter. Laws are passed by (you guessed it) lawmakers, and the police are the public agents charged with enforcing said laws. If you believe they are so unfair, it is your responsibility to do whatever you can to change said laws -

-Create a petition, get students to sign it, present it to a council meeting
-Attend council meetings and give proper arguments as to why the law (and specifically the fines involved) are unfair in proportion to the offense being committed
-If all else fails, run for council and get elected, and change from within

Of course, all of these involve actually working to change the present circumstances, but they are at the very least possibly effective - simply complaining on an internet board about how the police are somehow wrong when they're simply doing their jobs is as ineffective a strategy to help change things as I've ever seen.

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