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07-28-2008, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by WithChawwclateSawwce View Post
On the cooling, I completely agree abev.

Personally, I never saw the point of overclocking outside of the old school celeron OCing (am I showing my age yet?). Instead of investing all the time to squeeze andother 100 mhz or 7 FPS in a game id rather just buy the more powerful stuff and run it stock. I guess things have changed sinc ebecoming a sysdmin since now, my time is money (And I switched to a Mac *runs and hides* ).

People obsess over CPU steppings, High power fans and super huge cooling setup. which was fun when I was 16, now, not so much.
You know, my fascination with Rangers blue is leading me to do all this because of the blue led lights everywhere! lol jk. I think for the most part, I am getting the most bang for my quid. Could I do better, of course. And yes, I take everyone's postings here into consideration. I am not blind to what other people tell me.

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