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06-14-2004, 08:51 AM
True Blue
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On issue of the BPA

I have made no secret of whom I want with the #6 (in order...Barker, Olesz, Ladd, Thelen). And I really think that it may go down that way. The only scenario under which, I beleive that Montoya has a shot at being taken by the Rangers is if Barker, Olesz, & Ladd are ALL gone by the #6 pick. Then, I think that the choice is basically going to come down to whom Sather thinks is the better pick here, Thelen or Montoya. I truly believe that either will be a choice ahead of Tukonen.
My choice would be to take Thelen, if it truly goes down that way. However, much as I give Sather crap and take him to task for his many wrong decisions, there is something to taking Montoya. At this stage of the rebuild, the strength of this team is in it's younggoaltending and defensemen. You DO build a championship team from the nets out. No matter which way the #6 pick goes, I think that the Rangers emerge from the first 2 rounds with at least another young d-man prospect (be it Green, Fistric, or whomever). If Montoya is indeed the pick at #6, him and the other prospective defenseman that we'll take, wil give us pretty good depth at the goalie and defense positions. Much as we ALL love having Blackburn and Lundquist as prospects, the fact remains that one of them missed an entire year of development (granted, Blackie is working hard already and with a full year of being #1 in Hartford next year will make up for much lost time) and the other is another year away from stepping a toe onto a North American rink.
Drafting Montoya would give us unbelievable depth. That coupled with a pretty good young core of defenseman is a pretty good way to look into the future.
Don't get me wrong. The 4 players that I have listed in the first sentence of this post, is still the way I would like to see the Rangers go. However, I have to admit that there IS something to building very good depth at the goalie and defenseman positions.
But, in the end, I have a feelling that it is not going to come down to Thelen vs. Montoya. I think that Montoya will either be taken or an Olesz or a Ladd will still be available and thus, be the Rangers choice.

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