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06-14-2004, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by King Blazer
Not sure about Schremp but those problems you've listed didn't stop the Kings from drafting Lehoux....
True, but we did draft him in the third round.

The Lehoux factor is one of my concerns when it comes to drafting Schremp. The real difference between the two is the talent level, which Schremp is miles ahead.

However, talent does not get you everywhere in todays NHL. Coach-ability is essential when looking at a future player(especially playing for AM). Marian Hossa was not drafted as early as he should have been because scouts saw that he didn't play defense, and they mistakenly took this as selfishness. When he started playing for Ottawa, this was still a problem. However his positive attitude and his willingness to do what was best for the team helped him become a more complete player. Like they always say "defense can be taught" talent cannot.

I know I have ragged Martin in the past, and I still don't think that he will ever lead a team to the Cup, but his biggest asset has been his ability to coach and develop young talent. This is an area that I am unsure of AM's prowess. On one hand you have Frolov(we all know that story right ) and on the other you have Cammy. The majority of us see that Cammy is talented, and could play at the NHL level. Some of us think that he should be getting first line ice time and get quite frustrated when we see him getting 5 minutes a game. Now, if we all agree that the talent is there, why isn't he getting the ice time? I think it comes down to his attitude. It would make sense considering the "rumors" What would this tell me? Well, it would make it pretty clear that AM doesn't play players who aren't willing to by into the system; defense and all.

In the end, Schremp may be a risky proposition, but I don't think he is any riskier of a pick than either of the goaltenders.

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