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06-14-2004, 09:49 AM
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McGuire's CBA comments

I don't know if anyone heard this on Friday. The Team990 has Globe columnist Steven Brunt followed by Pierre McGuire on the air between 5-5.45 approx. most weekdays. They had some interesting comments regarding the labor situation. Brunt was of the opinion,thru what he had heard, that there was some common ground regarding a luxury tax and profit sharing that could work towards an agreement. It's thought that this can't happen with Bettman in place as 7-8 owners have given him a clear 'break the union' mandate. Brunt went on to say that some officials have hinted that replacing Bettman could be an option. McGuire confirmed that he had heard the same,but could not comment on the veracity of the rumors. We, on the board have been curious as to whether the Komi's of the league will be in the AHL next year. McGuire said that a GM told him that there is no way young players will have this option. The thought is that sitting these guys at home without a paycheque will erode the union. Good point in that guys like Ryder will have a hard time without a paycheque. He went on to say that Gainey was all smiles and seemed very optimistic and upbeat about the team. He mentionned how the Habs seemed to have made great strides in the last year and seem to have a more positive attitude around them.

I thought the comments were kind of interesting in that, things are probably going to get pretty ugly before we see NHL hockey again. McGuire also speculated as to how many [4 or 5] teams may not survive an extended lockout.

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