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Originally Posted by KLu View Post
Last season was kind of disapointing point-wise for our greater than life, god-like, captain. Only 56 points in 75 games when he had 75 points the other season... a career high. I saw the real Koivu again in the playoffs when he got back from an injury to put up 9 points in 7 games and play the inspired way we were used to see him play. So, fellow boarders, what kind of season do you expect from Captain Kourage? Will he still be overshadowed by the great Alex? Will the other Alex prove a great addition to our beloved captain? Will he be put in a 2nd string role as a good 3rd offensive line?

What do you think?

As much as I kneel before him, I must admit that at some point he must come to realize that he cannot be the man to go anymore. Others are in front of him and he should be glad.
If Koivu gets to play with a better finisher(Lats A.Kost Selanne), I can see him getting back to around 70 points(20/25-45/50-70). I think Plekanec and Kovalev will see a bit of drop in production, especially if Sundin is added, you'll see more balanced an attack, with 3 lines that can put up 70-90 goals each.

Originally Posted by TheAntiprice View Post
I don't care what type of offensive numbers he puts up this year...what he needs to do is be a lot more reliable defensively than he has been...he can't play half-ass on the defensive zone anymore, he's the team's captain and we have a lot of young guys on the team who all look up to him...he's like a combined -25 for the last two seasons, he's gotta straighten that out first and foremost.

+- is more a team stat than individual stat. Koivu's spent a lot of time on the ice with guys like Ryder and Souray the last 2 years. He's above average defensively for sure.

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