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07-29-2008, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by mabus View Post
I don't understand the devotion some people feel for koivu really. Are we so starved for superstars in this city that we're ready to treat an ORDINARY hockey player as if he was a hockey god? It's starting to look that way.

He clearly means a lot to some people (for reasons I don't really understand), so have a Koivu day or something. You don't need to name an award after him (heck the guy never won any awards anyway), nor do you need to rename parts of the Bell center in his honor, he never brought any cups here. I really don't understand the seemingly inexplicable adoration he seems to inspire in some.

I suppose it has something to do with being starved for heros in this city over the past decade and a half, but really... I see us becoming another Toronto with this, they've been reduced to retiring the jersey of Tie domi for pete's sake. Is that really where we're headed? Let's get a grip people!
I really hope we would stop thinking that bringing a cup is the difference between a great hockey to a not-so great one....Ed Ronan won a cup.....I do not believe in retiring his jersey but again, don't fell in the trap that it's always black and white around here. If you don't want his jersey to be retire, you obviously hate the guy. Or since his jersey shouldn't be retire, we should just forget he existed....There has to be a middle ground here and if the Beliveau trophy was not named Beliveau, please tell me how he doesn't exemplify what the trophy is all about. Community involvement, effort, enthusiasm, implication and time investment, commitment, leadership and financial contribution. The guy just started a foundation for a really important scanner at the General Hospital in Montreal. Not only are we going to remember what he had to go through in his career in Montreal but he was also honored at the NHL Level.

But then do you really rename a trophy that was named after an all-great like Jean??? Maybe. Not sure though, 'cause Béliveau did things of his own during the time he played and even after.

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