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Originally Posted by ThirtyFive View Post
Scored four on my agent.
July 18, 2008.

Yesterday I skated on one of the Moscow rinks. Like I was saying before, everythingís starting unusually early for me this year. By the middle of July Iíve already been through the development camp in Ottawa, working out at a gym prior to that, and now Iím hitting the ice and going to the gym as well. I have a good fitness center right by my house, it has a pool and a wide selection of exercise equipment. So thatís where I train, at my own expense, of course. And hockeyís needed to regain the feel for the ice.

Yesterday I played with amateurs. Although there were other professionals aside from me, a few guys 18-19 years old. Tending the goal was my agent Gennadiy Ushakov. Usually we play on the same team, but this time he was the opposition. Oh well, scored four on him. But Ushakovís good. And could absolutely play in the KHL. So if anyoneís looking for goalies, let me know.

But seriously, goals and assists are completely unimportant in such games. Itís just to get back to form, to remember your skills. Every once in a while you do, of course, get into it, start pushing and shoving with someoneÖ For instance, I almost got hit in the face with a stick yesterday. But thatís hockey. Although, I always thought high shots were not allowed at this level. But I saw the puck flying by heads all the time. Everyoneís firing.

In four days Iím going to St. Petersburg. Thatíll be another independent training camp. Sergei Gonchar, Evgeni Malkin, and I will be preparing for the season using a special training program. I wonít name the athletic trainer (itís honestly too bad that Dmitriy Kapitonov signed a contract with Dynamo and wonít be able to work with usóIíd heard only good things about him), but Iím hearing heís also very professional. The program consists of track and field, gym, weights, and the ice. I will spend there almost a month. Hoping itíll do me good.

Thereís nothing strange about hockey players keeping in shape during their well-earned vacation. I was reading on that the guys from Atlant returned without any extra weight. Truthfully, thatís a serious achievement, but hardly a sensation. After all, they know what they risk.

To say nothing of myself. Iím counting on arriving for the Ottawa training camp in top shape, and that I can stay with the big team. This is why Iím spending my vacation in a way that may seem weird to someone whoís not an athlete, going to the fitness center, to the on-ice training, and to the gym.
this guy needs to make it, he really needs to make it big! its because of nikulin's blog the sens are my favorite team on the east...i'm sure its not something you guys haven't heard before.

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