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Originally Posted by Dominant Hegemony View Post
one of the reasons why you nearly went mad watching this film was probably because you went into it with the ideology of structure. Usually, in most "common" films, there's a beginning, a middle and an end. So you know what to expect. Opposing that spectrum is a film in the likes of "The Fountain". It encourages the viewer to make their own deductions and conclusions. If you will, it's like going to the museum of contemporary arts. The Fountain is NOT a movie in the commonly determined way. It's a work of art. The imagery was simply incredible in that film.

Now if you watch it a second time, keeping this in mind, you'll find yourself to enjoy it much more. Go into it thinking that you know nothing about film, that you have no expectations of structure.
No, I usually enjoy movies of this nature. The idea was great. The reason I nearly went mad was because of the execution. I knew what they were trying to do but it took too long to tell the story and they tried too hard to be artsy. Having never heard of the movie before, I leaned over to my fiance during the film and told her what was going to happen. I kept saying in my head "I get it! Just get on with it!". The thing just wouldn't end.

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