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07-30-2008, 10:12 AM
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Sorry for long post but I need to explain myself better

Originally Posted by znk View Post
It's ok to be an other nationality. And I'd be pissed off you don't consider me a Québécois either way.

"I'm sorry Fank but you arent Québécois enough for me."
That's what you're saying and I think that's an insult and a sad statement. The day people start thinking that way....I guess he's not pure laine enough for you.

I dont think this thread is about team Québec.
and following that logic anyone who played for team Canada could not transfert to team Quebec?
I think I totally messed this up, because no one got my point. I will put all my cards on the table.

I think that talking about a Team Quebec is divisive. We are still one country, from coast to coast, and until we are no longer a country, talking about a team within a team is only a way to exclude our fellow countrymen. My belief is that we are all still a team, until we are not.

Bring up the whole Scottish/Ireland/England example if you want, that is them. We have always played as Team Canada, nothing else.

As for Frank not being pur laine or not.... honestly... I think that concept is, by design, divisive as well. I am born here in Quebec from European parents, and I have often been told that I am not Quebecois Pur Laine.

Yet those same people who would say that I am not Quebecois are the first ones to INCLUDE folks who do not have French parents, or are born in other areas if it suits their needs, for example if they are a good hockey player.

An example, Roberto Luongo. I am certain that he was called a "cr1sse de w0p" or "maund1t anglais a mard3" in his everyday life (before he was a star), and on the ice. I know I did, more times then you could think, and I share the same background as he does. Yet, the same folks who called him that are the first ones to make "a Team Quebec" and include him as a good ol' Quebecois because now, it suits them. "He's a Quebecois!" But his brother, talking the bus in St. Leo.... he is a w0p. That is the hypocritical thing about all that "pur laine" stuff.

That is my baggage. I admit it. It pisses me off that I am often considered an uninvited guest in the place where I was born.

As for Slick Nick and me embarrassing myself... maybe so. But your post does reflect you getting my point. You said "Birth certificates do not equal nationality/ethnicity.. " I agree 100%, but it does equate to what team you can internationality play for. That's all. (p.s. If you are born on a Brazilian boat, dude, you are Brazilian, that's the rule. It does not dictate your ethnicity.)

You for example, born in USSR. You may be Russian, Ukrainian, etc. I do not know. When the USSR dissolved, I have no clue what they did with the existing birth certificates. To me, if you came to Canada and applied for citizenship, brother, you are a Canadian. I do not buy into that whole divisive pur laine/exclusionary idea.

The point was we can call Boillion Quebecois, but he was born in the US. I am not sure what his official nationality is... he may have dual, he may have American, or he may have applied for Canadian status. I assume he is a dual citizen, but when you play for one country internationally, the general rule is you remain a player for that country.

So in a nutshell, my posts where not to piss anyone off or embarrass myself, they were to share my opinion that the whole "pur laine" or Team Quebec idea divides us, it does not bring us together.

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