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07-30-2008, 11:20 AM
Joe Cole
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My 2 cents (which most here have said before me)

Go for the newest car you can. General rule, stay away from domestic brand cars at the entry level.

Echo, then Tercel.

I would not touch the Pontiac.

Someone else here said something that I agree with too, get a manual Toyota.

-better gas consumption, practice on a cheaper/easier to maintain transmission, and ... with an entry level 4 cylinder Toyota... an automatic is the equation to slooooow and univolving driving expirience.

These engines do not have much torque, so reving the heck out of them is the only way to make them feel fast, and a manual is the only solution in these cars.

Go manual Echo. You will not be dissapointed driving it, or re-selling it.

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