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07-30-2008, 01:03 PM
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Been home a few days now so I have had the time to think about it...

what the heck is wrong with the city of Halifax?

1) were 20 guys, we go to a strip club, TWO of us dont have ID...the 2 oldest guys that is, both are and look 30 years old, but they cant get in, at 5$ a head and everyone gonna drink, they dont wanna make money or what?...we changed location

2) We get to another club, bar, Idont know what it was, I order 20 shots, the girl tells me I'm now allowed, I can only order 2 at a time. ***??

3) same club as #2, I ask if we can buy a bottle, the girl looks at me as if I was from another planet. Again, another place that doesnt want my money.

4) at some place that closes at 3:30, apparently all the people go there at 2. Well at 2:45 we were the only people in the place, it sucked!

5) The only fun place was Peddlers Pub where it's 2$ a drink and theirs alot of good looking women. I spoke to one for about 25 minutes. I offered her a few drinks, she told me no everytime and kept buying me the drinks. I was confused, In Montreal, do you know what it takes for a girl to buy you a drink? Anyway, she was hot and I forget her name

Again whats wrong with Halifax? Apart from #5, The city nightlife is a mess.

oh and Saturday night, we saw 2 cops beating the crap out of some guy on the grass near the cannon thingy. was funny as hell but the people around seemed to be saying he didnt deserve the beating.

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