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07-30-2008, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Forechecker View Post
No Mel updates?
Yeah, he didn't give any programming specific updates, which is reasonable being that the merger was only approved a couple of days ago. It seemed like the initial feeling is that everyone will be able to keep their existing service, and then pay an additional fee ($4 or so) to add certain channels from the other service. In the end, it sounds like they're going for a cable TV type package, where you pay $12.95 for basic service and then add-on premium channels for additional cash.

I'm personally bummed out about this, because I thought the whole point of the merger was to streamline operations and attract more customers. They should just combine both services and eliminate any redundant channels and give everybody everything for the same price. This would still save the new company money (fewer overall channels), and would definitely attract new customers. This won't happen though.

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