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07-30-2008, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeds2StepOpus View Post
You need to get a grip and realize something, here.........

1) I don't care what you believe or disbelieve. It's neither my concern or business. I'm not here to make you or anyone (for that matter) ....a believer of anything.

2) I saw a thread so infested with misconceptions, one-sided biased fantasy, misinformation, downright lies and utter nonsense. The first few pages are infested with them.

3) So I came in to express some opinions, thoughts and make a few statements which I know to be true.

Take what you will from it and perceive it in which ever manner you wish.

But I will suggest to anyone here who considers themselves a knowledgeable hockey person/fan, that, they do some research on Aaron Ward, get an education on his history as a player and teammate with his two previous teams (Detroit and Carolina), prior to his signing with the Rangers. Then, do some research on how Aaron Ward is doing in Boston, both as a player and team mate.

Otherewise, you're just embarrassing yourselves. You obviously don't realize it, but you are.

As for that video by the OP and the guy who just re-posted it....

If you were watching the game and paying attention, it was clear Ward was chattering at Brashear (with verbal abuse) as he was heading his way and off to the penalty box; for the purpose of trying to draw an extra penalty to Brashear (the Caps).

Ward saw him coming, knew he was coming and at no time did he ever raise his hands/arms in self-defense. There's a reason for that. Ward was suckering him into hitting him and taking the extra penalty. Ward took one (actually two, lol ) for the team.

If you watched the game you would know when Ward arrived at the bench his team mates started patting him on the back, patting his helmet, grinning and congratulating him.

And after Ward was finished with his Oscar award performance/portrayal of " the poor, innocent victim who was mugged and assaulted by Brashear "; he sat there with a grin. As were several of Ward's team mates.

The Orr hit on Ovechkin was a retaliation for Brashear hammering Jagr with an elbow, earlier in the game. The same elbow that inspired Shanney to fight Brashear. But Orr decided to do it the old fashioned way. The right way. You hammer our best players, we hammer your best player. you have no proof of any of the things you posted before...

how can YOU know them to be true when the people covering the team have NEVER once said any such thing about Jagr during the whole Ward incident..

btw Jagr has stuck up for his teammates as a Rangers player...check the Walker hit on Gomez....Avery jumps walker and Jagr gets in the scrum to protect Avery from getting's on youtube...

Unless you are going to post proof of your thoughts i'll just ignore your future posts. I love a good debate but I love a good factual debate with people that will back there thoughts up with something...not just what THEY believe to be true......

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