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07-30-2008, 08:54 PM
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"Good point, even still, like somoene else mentioned, WHY hockey then? "

An eye for an eye. Russians expected to watch Malkin play another year in their league. The NHL messed with his contract. So they paid back by creating a league that "stole" all sorts of NHLers. Not stole as in broke the contract or was better value. But "stole" as in, took a player who would otherwise play in the NHL.

How were they supposed to respond to a hockey dispute? By invading France? No, they picked a hockey fight in response to a hockey dispute.

"From what I said before, about the money backing the league, it's still enough to lure a few superstars/good players, just not all. For one extreme, say the KHL had all $70 billion to work with, we would be royally screwed but that's just not the case."

Obviously Gazprom will not spend all their $75 billion on hockey. But it shows that the owners have money. For an owner who has $100 million, spending $50 million a year on a team is just unaffordable. For an owner who has $75 billion, a mere $50 million is pocket chance, less than 0.1% of their money.

If an owner with $75 billion needs to throw in a couple extra million to sign a star player, he has the means to do so because a couple million is pocket change for him.

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