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07-31-2008, 08:33 AM
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Yesterday I was in a rush driving to work. My fiancee asked if I could stop at the gas station to pick her up a drink for her lunch. I figured it'd just take a second. Well, when I got to the lineup, not only was it packed, but a guy was standing at the cash playing loto tickets, with 10 people waiting behind him. Then he finishes his 10 or so tickets, decides to pay for the two pepsis he had in front of him but didn't have enough so he went outside to get more change from his car, the cashier told us the cash was locked into his purchase and had to wait for him, then he gets back pays and still takes his time to put his keys in his pocket, then put his change in the other one, pick up his pop one at a time, dig his keys out again while still standing at the cash. A guy in a business suit behind him stepped forward and put his milk down next to the guys' used loto tickets to get things moving and the guy gave the business suit guy a dirty look!

**** I hate stupid people. Whew. Sorry. Had to vent there.

So, yeah, Sundin's probably like him.

Yeah...the fish plants are shut down for the its to be expected