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07-31-2008, 03:44 PM
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I've Been Wanting to Say This...

There is a thread on the Trade Rumors page speculating Gomez going to Vancouver and Sundin coming to NY. Many Rangers fans are laughing at the thought of dealing our #1 Center.

This is what I posted there, and honestly I dont understand why this thinking isnt shared by everyone.

I am a huge Rangers fan and I dont understand where other Rangers fans are coming from when they laugh at getting rid of Gomez.

First let me say that the chances are probably 1 in a million.

Second let me say that I like Gomez - he gives solid production, he plays hard and is a likable guy off the ice.

*BUT the bottom line is that Gomez is NOT AN ASSET. In my opinion you have an asset to your organization when you have a young player who is underpaid or a guy who is making what they deserve. We all know that Gomez making 7.5 MM/yr is overpayment. How can he be considered a real asset to the team when if he was off the books we could replace him in any offseason with an equal or better player for the same money.

So as much as I like Gomez, I would get rid of him in a heartbeat if it meant bringing in Sundin for 2 years at around 5 MM and then while Gomez would still have 4 years left on his deal in 2 years, be able to sign an even better player than Gomez for 7.5 MM - 9 MM since the cap will go up in the next 2 years.

P.S. dont tell me it will hurt our image dealing a guy we brought in so recently.


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