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07-31-2008, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeds2StepOpus View Post
Once again, Reading Comprehension skills ............Zilch. Nada.

"Believe to be true"

Wonder in what galaxy I said that

Sheesh, I don't know what school you people went to, but I'd demand my money back on those diplomas and degrees.
No wonder why you like Ward so much, you sound like the same kind of jerk he is. You try to come off as an educated person with how you type and the terms you use but when you go off insulting others opinions that goes against your own you show how uneducated you really are. I am a HUGE Kovalev fan, I try to read everything about him and I have never once heard of him complain like that about Jagr. You said it yourself, Orr did it the right way when they went after our best player, well you just said Jagr was our best player. Not Ward who wasn't even our best defenseman. Seriously, go follow Boston..........I think you would fit in very nicely with thier crowd. You want to give credit to the 3rd/4th liners for the turnaround and give nothing to the guy who broke long standing records in less than one season. You do know how long the Rangers have been around right? Well Jagr came in one year and destroyed the goals and points record. Look at all the names that have played for this franchise and that becomes even more impressive.

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