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Originally Posted by Eagle20 View Post
3 shots through 2 periods? highly doubt that.

Now when i say worked im not talking quantity as consistency of shot totals and also the amount of time a goaltender sees action, shot or not, as well as shot quality. the more action a goalie sees in there zone also makes a huge difference. Lundqvist didnt see anywhere near the amount of high quality scoring chances as Leclaire did on a game by game basis. (im not saying that he didnt see good scoring chances so dont come at me with that...also theres a whole thread on your board saying that his success is influenced by the rangers Defense). The quality of the shots Leclaire faces effects his stamina through out a season.

Also your initial post states that Lundqvist played 1400 more minutes then Leclaire. Leclaire played 20 less games.

Leclaire stats:

2007-2008 CLS 54 52 2986:27 24 17 -- 6 112 2.25 1379 1267 .919 3 9 26.52 shots per game

Lundy's shot total average number to me seem off simply b/c of the sheer number of games he played. To get the true picture of how hard a goalie is worked you need to look not at the average shots per game...more at how consistenly the goalie was peppered....Lundqvist had a pretty lax game log up until the end of the season a lot of high teens low low 20's with a few games where he was peppered. Leclaire consistently saw higher numbers through out the season.

Dont get me wrong not trying to discredit at all...i just want to show how i am veiwing being worked through out a season.
Eh... This is mostly BS and not very convincing.

Columbus played probably the most defensive game in the league last year, which helped Leclaire more than you think.

For what it's worth, in a recent Popular Science issue Leclaire was listed as the goalie whos stats were inflated the most by his team. It was based on a formula (take that as you will).

The contract is fair. 3 years is enough time for him to build up his resume and then get paid when it's time (if he deserves it)

(By the way, did you really watch every single Rangers and Columbus game that you know which goalie had to work harder? I hardly believe that)

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