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06-14-2004, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by J F M
There's 1 very good reason that what you suggest re: "ownership imposed caps" will never happen. The player's union would sue the league for collusion in trying to keep the salaries down. And the players would most likely win their case. It happened not too long ago in MLB. This very situation appeared and the players took MLB to court and won.
Difference is Baseball plays 162 games, has revenue sharing and a great TV deal...all things bring in money to pay those salaries.

The same can't be said for the NHL.

Say Carolina and Florida only attract 8 - 10 thousand fans per game, that is all the box office revenue they get. They don't get a piece of the Montreal gate if Montreal plays them at home and has a sellout of 21 thousand +. Plus the TV deal in the states is with NBC now and it is based on monies made after all is said and done in advertisements, no guaranteed money (what kind of deal is that?). The only way teams make it TV wise is through Regional packages which pay less than a National one would with a Major deal for the league. Then you look at our schedule, there are 82 games, only 41 are home games compaired to the 81 home games baseball gets in parks ranging from 35 to 50 thousand fans.

You can't compare the NHL to MLB, the NBA yes because they play in the same arenas, play the same number of games and look at that...they have a CAP! But they too have a great TV deal.

Hockey cannot survive with these contracts, they are the highest average paid athletes in sports but the revenue's in tickets, TV, endorsements, merchandising and such doesn't come close to the others. Only Baseball and Hockey have no cap, and the NBA and the NFL do and they are the two top sports in North America today in dollars and fans.
EDIT (Look at the last Baseball work stoppage, it really hurt the league and I think some teams still haven't fully recovered from that...they were still talking about contraction only last year, hockey cannot survive or at least some of the teams won't)
Both sides of the NHL have to work together to save this great game.

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