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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I think Gorges has more ability than given credit for...When he got into the lineup, he quickly realized that he had to keep it simple and move the puck up the ice, however, towards the end of the season when he started getting more icetime, he started to take a few more chances, I remember one of the last games of the season, might of been the last one...he was doing everything he could to try and score, as I believe he had been the only member of the Habs who played a game, who had yet to score.

I'm not saying he'll ever be an offensive defensman, but I think he can at least eventually hold his own on a 2nd unit of a PP.

Either way, I like his skating ability, toughness and tenacity...he's a good defensman
Could be. I may be putting too much emphasis on a few games I saw toward the end of the year (60th game or so) where he would take the puck from opposing players, give it back, and repeat, barely clearing the zone. He looked really good without the puck and pretty lost with it.

I don't mean to imply that he is not a solid defenceman, I just don't see a lot of offensive upside (PK rather than PP). I hope he does have an offensive game as that would make it reasonable to pair him with a big defensive guy to offset his size instead of with a puck mover to offset his puck moving; hard to do both.

It will definitely be an interesting training camp, as there are so many young players, NHL and AHL, that it is hard to rank them in advance. Have to wait and see who has improved most over the summer.

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