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08-01-2008, 02:24 AM
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First off, ridiculously horrific and sad, and prayers go out to his family.

Next, to all those saying that in the cramped, confused, blood-spattered confines of a Greyhound bus, you would have approached a buck-knife wielding maniac -- who can't be blindsided or surrounded -- with no effective weapon available, and done something...well aren't you just special? Get a grip, realize you'd have done nothing better than what the people on the bus did. They evacuated, they secured the exit, they made an attempt at seeing if the victim was still alive and could be helped...and went back to securing the door when it was obviously not the case. Something like that is not sane, and unless you're some hardened army vet, I really think you're talking out of your ass. Just a general comment, no one specific.

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