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08-01-2008, 05:38 AM
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The RCMP stated that everyone on the bus did the right thing, they got away & were able to isolate the monster & keep him from getting away & possibly going on some kind of rampage.

In the press conference they stated that the scene even freaked out the most seasoned police officers on the scene!! Wouldn't be surprised if some of the cops on scene will probably need counseling just for seeing the aftermath.

I'm wondering what other possible unsolved mysteries someone like this might of caused during his life. I don't think the guy just snaps at 40 for no reason, maybe he just decided to graduate from carving up street cats or something. I'm sure he's so far gone that they can't even interview him yet, maybe we will never know what sets of a time bomb like this headcase.

I think a lot of people are outraged as this kinda stuff just doesn't happen in Canada. Proves that Psycho's can be anywhere. When I first heard it I instantly thought, well Greyhound, probably in Texas or something with that heat. When I learned where it was, I Was in shock like what!!!! that was on a Canadian bus line!!!

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