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1) Have a mechanic look at whichever car you take.
2) I hate Toyota and would never recommend them to anyone, but they are reliable cars. I just dislike them entirely.
3) Why not try to get a Honda? You want a fuel efficient car, decently reliable and easy to fix if there are problems with it? Honda is the way to go. So many ppl drive Honda's the parts are a joke to come by used or new. (I guess same could also be said for toyota but I've never owned one so wouldn't know)

I guess the 2004 Echo wouldn't be such a bad car, but I've driven a 2004 echo both hatchback and regular and both were complete ****. (Driving school cars mind you, but it was things in the car like the pedals being too close together, the seat not moving far back enough, etc that made me hate the echo)

Never driven a tercel but have driven a corolla and hated it

I'd prolly get a mechanic to check it and go with the trans am, then try to find a used falling apart camaro with a decent v8 in it, buy it and do the engine swap, and then make it my work in progress car. Cause Trans Ams/Firebirds/Camaros are pimp Old-school muscle FTW.

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Thanks for the tip

I got a question tho.

Do all cars dated from 1999 till today are now free running? Or there is still some 2008 models that are interference?

I will surely look for a 1995 -1999 tercel, but i might look at the corolla too...are corolla free running too?

Kinda scary to have this belt break and have to replace the engine...jeshhh.I was lookin at 1994 models and didnt knew that.
My friend got a corolla and paid a horrible price for it. (got scammed) The timing belt broke on the highway LOL

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lol @ Honduh fanboys.
lol @ TheDamned

Hey everyone, it's TheDamned

Honda > You

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