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06-14-2004, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Voynich
Wow. It took me a moment to wrap my head around this one.

I'd have to turn it down from an Atlanta standpoint, but it really is a tempting offer. I think it all boils down to how Weiss compares to Lehtonen as far as value goes, and I don't believe that Weiss is in the same league as Kari in that regard. As much of an admirer of Luongo as I am, I'd just have to turn it down. Ilya's value is probably on par with Luongo's, perhaps even a little lower some will say, but Weiss vs. Lehtonen just doesn't compute for me. I know Luongo is wanting more money too, and that is a headache I wouldn't want to deal with (please excuse my lack of familiarity with his contract situation if that has already been resolved).

Very tempting but I'd have to turn it down. Ilya is already an integral part of this team, possibly a burgeoning MVP at a very young age, and one of the two "faces of the franchise" that the marketing machine has made the casual fan in Atlanta familiar with(not an easy task). Kari has all the makings of a Luongo-like franchise goalie and his upside is sky high. Looking at Luongo you have an already dominant, game-changing netminder. Those rarely get moved. Weiss is a nice piece with quite a bit of unrealized potential, but he really doesn't meet any of the Thrasher's needs.

I think it can best be summed up as such:

Kovalchuk =(even slightly<) Luongo
That's pretty much how I see it:

Kovalchuk < Luongo
Lehtonen >> Weiss

IMO, Luongo has more trade value than any player in the league but this trade just doesn't work out for either side.

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