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08-01-2008, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by torero View Post
He will, with certainty, play with Bern in the coming season (08/09).

This must, IMHO, imply a contract with Bern.

Yet he also has a contract with the Predators since he was drafted by them.

To tell the truth, i do not really understand how these "draft" contracts work ... i can imagine a form but it would be nice if a knowledgeable person could give a clear explanations on how it works. With whom the player has the contract ... what the player is suposed to do, ... as long as he is not playing for the team or the farm team ... does he has the choice where to play ... and so on ... in the case of Josi, does Nashville has the contract with Bern ?? does nashville have a "call" option contract with Josi ???

Josi being drafted by the Predators is NOT the equivalent of signing a contract with the Predators. Patric Hörnqvist was drafted in 2005 but didn't sign a deal until the spring of 2007.
The Predators DO, however, hold exclusive NHL negotiating rights with Josi (European clubs are free to negotiate with him if they so choose). The Preds will still have to get Josi to sign an entry-level contract before their exclusivity window expires.

Once signed to that contract, though, the Predators can loan the player back to the European team if they feel he needs further development time or if he wants to return to Europe to play out his contract with a European club. In both situations, the contract does not become active until the season in which the player first comes to North America. However, once a player is loaned to a European club, that loan lasts the duration of the season. Unlike with major-junior players, a player on loan in Europe with an NHL contract cannot be recalled by the NHL team that season. He is effectively lost to the organization for a year, but it doesn't count against his NHL contract.

Does that make sense?

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