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08-01-2008, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Crusher20 View Post
Spider-man doesnt exist. you do not habe spider web coming out of your wrist...

seriously, its too risky to provoke the guy, clearly crazy and without any concerns on what he is doing, doing so could have make him commit a couple of additional murders..

no thanks.. just choose safest option..
Oh really???? I didn't know that!!

If you don't have anything intelligent to say, shut it and grow up. There a lot of people who can react in a heroic way, it just takes one dumb individual to think everybody are all cowards as he is. You do understand that people are all different and react in different ways, right and that it has nothing to do with comic superheroes, rather that comics are inspired by real life heroes?

Also, the thing about causing more murders is you are assuming one would try this without it being his best shot. You really think I would throw a shoe or anything that might not have a good impact? It all comes down to pragmatism. If you get the feeling you won't make it properly, don't do it. But it's highly childish to believe no one can have the courage to stand up. It's pathetic.

Originally Posted by Delat View Post
I don't think someone knows how he would react, you just react that's all, you don't have time to think. You can elaborate the best plan in every kind of case, when the moment comes it all comes to a small second where you try to save your life.

It depends if you were ever stuck in a stressful and dire situation where you had to react in a moments notice. Why do all people think everybody is like them? We are all different. From past experiences, I know full well that I wouldn't lose my cool. Your last sentence makes it seem like everybody is only concerned for their own lives. You know, there is a reason why the word "selflessness" exists. Some people won't be concerned for their own life but for those of others, like the guy who was warning everybody to get out of the bus.

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