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08-01-2008, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Both Drury and Gomez have NTC's, Lundquist is the only player they could move to make room for Sundin, Naslund, Redden and Rozival were just signed...unless they clear 3-4 smaller contracts, but they'd have a hard time icing 20 players as their 6 top guys already make up nearly 40 mil of the 56 mil cap
Maybe by stretching the possibilities....

They have right now around 715,000 left.

They get rid somehow of smaller contracts like Prucha (1.6), Kalinin (2.1) (even if they just acquired him....), Mara (1.9) means they'll have approx. 6.3 million of cap space. They now have only 5 D's so they need to bring a Sauer or a Sanguinetti up (approx. 850,000). Without Prucha, with Sundin it gives them 13 forwards.

6.3 - 850.000 = 5.5 for if the Rangers are stupid enough to diminuish their D's, if they' re stupid enough to have no room to work with and if Sundin REALLY wants to play for them....there is a way....but like I stretching it A LOT....

Originally Posted by toshiro View Post
VKozlov, with a trade for Schneider and a Moreau sort of player may be a decent plan B
I keep saying it...Kozlov on a 3rd line would be good for us. Big right-hand shot...

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