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Originally Posted by Eagle20 View Post
... Lundqvist didnt see anywhere near the amount of high quality scoring chances as Leclaire did on a game by game basis. (im not saying that he didnt see good scoring chances so dont come at me with that...also theres a whole thread on your board saying that his success is influenced by the rangers Defense). The quality of the shots Leclaire faces effects his stamina through out a season...

Yes, it is indeed a manure spreader. Although you are correct in your statement that a season affects Leclaire's health, but so would also a loose statement about time affecting a random creature's health. In what way is the Grinch in bad shape, still (after all these years of pro experience) not fit enough to have prepared and endured a tough pro season a pro argument for his greatness?

I find it hard to believe that Leclaire "anywhere near" faced alot more than 15+ quality scoring chances a game, like Lundqvist did during monthly stretches when the NYR team decided to plainly suck - majorly. The game vs LA Kings where he faced 12+ quality scoring chances during the first period alone comes to mind.

Any thread claiming the NYR defense was some kind of major super factor for Lundqvist's numbers just have to watch him consistently since he entered the league and be convinced otherwise. NYR's defense has never played a major role in the wall saga, they have been more like inconsistently solid contributors with all too often brainlapses.

If Leclaire was so much greater than Lundqvist - like you sort of claim - he would have been recognized for it, even in Columbus. Lundqvist has been nominated for the Vezina trophy thrice in three years for reasons bigger than his #1 D-man being named Michal Rozsival and his #2 being named the now flushed Marek Malik. He's just frigging good.

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