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08-01-2008, 10:58 PM
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Perhaps the most perfect hockey player I have ever seen. If you were to design a player, he would be the template.
When he came to the Rangers, after being out of the game for a bit, for the first 10 or so games, he was terrible. He was playing not to get hurt (perfectly understandable). Then he discovered that he could take a few hits and survive and for two months (Nov. and Dec.), playing with York and Fluery (the FLY line or as I liked to think of them "the little legion" line) we saw the real Lindros. I remember being in awe of his skills, especially his great hands. The Rangers were in first place, he was in the top five in scoring, and he was talked about as a possible MVP. Then he took what seemed like a minor hit around New Years (I believe it was on the West Coast, maybe in LA), and he suffered another concussion. When he returned he was never the same. But I'll always treasure those two months, the guy was a monster.
And, in his earlier, younger days with the Flyers, he single handedly changed the league. Every team started to get bigger and look for large skilled players. For a brief time he had more influence on how the game was played than anyone else.
I agree, his is a tragic case. Just a super player: Gretz, Mario, Sydney, Lindros....the best I've ever seen.

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