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06-15-2004, 03:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Kodiak
I would agree with you, Edge, if goalies didn't bring back next to nothing in trades. We already have 2 blue-chip goalie prospects, though both have question marks about them. Adding another top-notch goalie prospect doesn't make sense. We have a better chance of one of them panning out, but we'd also be wasting two other assets. The market for goalies has been set (unless you trade with Sather or Milbury, of course ). The best we could hope for in trading two of Blackburn, Lundqvist, and Montoya in a few years is a 2nd round pick. And with all the other good, young goalies coming into the league, that price will go down, not up. Unless our scouting staff is convinced that Montoya is on the level of guys like Lehtonen and Fleury, then there is no way we should consider him.

But see again we're again assuming that we already know Blackburn and Lunqvist make it, which we don't. We're going with the assumption that both have already proved themselves to be NHL goaltenders for the future. While their odds are good, Blackburn is coming over an injury and Lunqvist might not adapt to the north american game {he wouldnt be the first}.

So again that leads back to my original point that we're not talking about guranteed guys at this point. Now if we had Luongo between the pipes than yes we can reasonably say that our goaltending situation is set for the next decade or so.

That's the point I'm trying to get at.

The returns are most goaltenders are low because most times you're trading them because you either A. HAVE to get rid of one or B. The goalie hasn't cut it with your team.

When you look at the trades over the years {Luongo being the prime example} there are deals out there for guys.

If Montoya is the best player on the Rangers list, they'll take. It's as simple as that. It's not necessarily my choice or yours, but you gotta go with your scouts. We do have two young goalie prospects but they aren't sure things.

And again it comes right back down to this. Let's say the Rangers scouts have it dead on. Let's say Montoya turns out to be better than the other guys on the board. Let's say you have to trade another goalie than. Don't you think it's still higher than if they took a different player {instead of montoya} and he busted?

All things being equal a small return is better than no return.

Having said that, I think it is a mute point anyway because I expect either Olesz or Ladd to be there when the Rangers pick.

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