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08-02-2008, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I don't see how you place Higgins directly as a 3rd center yet put Chipper on 4th. That doesn't make any sense at all to me.
It does to me when you look at the big picture. 'Cause a Chipchura on the 3rd also means a Lapierre on the 4th and if Higgins was moved from centerman to the wing 'cause that he's not suppose to have the instincts of a centerman, why wouldn't that move be made to Lapierre as well. Lapierre is not, in my opinion, a good centerman in the NHL even on a 4th line who, in Montreal, is use quite often. So a pairing of Higgins-Chip is better than a Chip-Lappy on the bottom lines.

Also, if we hope and pray that Chip's ability in the faceoff circle can improve, why wouldn't it be possible for Higgins to do so as well? Higgins took a WHOPPING 62 faceoffs last year....and just like that we're able to judge him on his abilities to improve? Hey some people even thing that Bégin is doing fine as a centerman (which THAT makes no sense). Still Bégin is worst on the faceoff circle than Higgins.

So again, I don't see why we wouldn't try it. That's what a preseason is all about. Go with Chip, Lapierre, Higgins and even SKosty at the center position all preseason long and see for yourself. May the best men win.

Originally Posted by AD View Post
I suppose (and I'm really just supposing here) that you can be a great player in a so-so league and play any position and shine.
True. Still despite all these stats, the poster said that he didn't shine. He wasn't a good centerman from his own words.

You know, I do have that tendancy to apply that to our own Ryan White. My own belief is that while he did great in his junior years, in my opinion, he might not be able to translate his play in the NHL and at the very least, he would have to be moved to the wings despite his great faceoffs abilities. I may be wrong but that's how I see it. Still despite not having the kind of honors that Higgins had, I really can't say he was a bad centerman in the WHL. He was, has the stats the prove it. So did Higgins.

Now if it can't translate, that's a whole different issue.

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