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08-02-2008, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
If moving Higgins at center is out of the question, I would totally agree with your plans. Thing is, if it's possible to trade for centermen like Lang, Kozlov, Nylander for those teams cap purposes, it may be possible to trade for just as good wingers in order to have Higgins at center.

It's extremely hard to get a centerman and most teams hesitate before giving them away, which is not the case for wingers.

Not saying we should stick with those teams but if take the Chigago or the Washington way, Chicago would probably prefer to give Havlat than Lang who's, right now, 1 of only 3 centermen signed with them. I really don't get why they would get rid of him.

Washington, it does make sense to get rid of Kozlov and I would obviously much prefer to see that than to even try Higgins at center. Washington have 7 centermen under contract. Clearly, they could let go a few guys out there. Though they have 14 players under contract so clearly some centermen will be playing the wings this year. I would love to put my hands on Chris Clark, still, Kozlov has to be the one that will be available.
Lang and Kozlov would both also solve another problem for the habs... lack of RH shooting centremen... this can be a strategic thing in your own end as you'd rather a centre win the draw towards the boards than towards his own net.

If I'm forced into making a trade, I'd rather it be for a centre than for a winger as the natural centre solves more problems

1) RH aspect
2) Higgins even if improved will not be a good faceoff man, we struggled in the circle last year... I'd hope the guy we trade for can be a good faceoff man.
3) Less time wasted with experiments at the centre position
4) Hopefully the guy targetted will bring the coveted size up the middle (Lang and Kozlov both do have size)

It just seems like a more natural move to me to trade for the centre, rather than getting another winger and moving Higgins over.

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