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08-02-2008, 03:40 PM
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Is Scott Gomez an Asset?

There has been debate about this but I think I came up with the best way I can explain my thoughts.

Again I'll preface by saying that Gomez brings a lot to our team and is probably our second most important player after Hank (but not the second most valuable asset)

To me an asset is a player that other teams would covet. At 7.5 MM for the next 6 years I really think only a handful of teams would even consider adding this guy to their team. I'm not referring to the fact that many teams are close to or over the cap...

let me put it this way, if every player became a free agent and the league had a draft where you would pick players and had to take on their contracts with the cap still in effect I would think Gomez wouldn't be taken until really late. You would still see guys with big contracts like Crosby, Ovechkin, Vinny, Malkin picked at the top of the "first round" because they are franchise players. You would see a lot of the elite players with big contracts get picked in fact. But then you would see the young/underpaid players get picked becasue they are VALUABLE ASSETS. I really believe that it would not be until really late in this "draft" that a team with room under its cap would say "ok we have a hole at center and cap flexibility, why not bring in Gomez to fill the roll"

Please take my argument seriously even if you disagree whole-heartedly cause this is how I honestly feel. If you think Gomez would be a "first rounder" in my make believe draft that is your opinion and I hope that would actually be the case since I want the Rangers to be building the team correctly.

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