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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
I think that in order to even contemplate moving Higgins to Centre another offensive winger must be signed.... Right now we have 2 offensive centres and 6 offensive wingers...

Its the centre that completes the three offensive lines.

What wingers are out there?? Nagy, Glen Murray, Mark Parrish??? Sorry these three don't excite me.... Selanne?? I really doubt he wants to come to Montreal... Are you gonna count on Kostopolous, Begin, Laraque, or Dandenault in an offensive role??
Are D'Agostini, MaxPac, Wyman, or another prospect the guy for this role?? I don't think so, not yet. I think you are better off with Chips at Centre on the third line and Higgins on LW on one of the top three lines; then with Higgins at Centre on the the third line and one of the other prospects there. Chips is more NHL ready than those guys IMO. If you keep a prospect winger up that means that Chips is probably AHL bound.

So Moving Higgins to centre is pretty much a moot point right now with the present roster.

I really see a better chance of Lehoux, Maxwell, or White having a dominating camp and forcing themselves into the third centre role than moving Higgins over. This is still unlikely though...

To me its
Plan A) Sundin
Plan B) Trade for Lang, Kozlov, Nylander, or another centre
Plan C) Chipchura or Lappy
Plan D) One of the prospects forces his way on the team... this forces Higgins to try centre if its a winger prospect, or they take the third line if its a Centre.
I disagree with at least part of your Plan B.

You would actually trade for Lang, who is 2 months older than Sundin but isn't even a pale facsimile? I hope you wouldn't give up any of the top dozen prospects in the system for him. Some fans on this site claim that Koivu is too slow and they speculate that he may be gone after his contract expires next year. Would they want someone who is fully 4 years older than Koivu and a lot slower? Believe me, they wouldn't like what they see. Even in his prime Lang never scored more than 4 goals in a playoff year.

Nylander is 2 years older than Koivu and he wouldn't come cheap because his stats (before his injury) were a lot better than Lang's.

I don't think the Caps are looking to trade Viktor Kozlov (not to be confused with Slava Kozlov). He's part of their Russian contingent.

IMO Chipchura will start the season in Montréal. If he doesn't prove ready, Gainey might bring up Maxwell or another Bulldog.

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