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08-02-2008, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
Just a few comments to help you out:

- If you're looking to turn writing into a career, professionalism is going to stand out the most in your work. That means things like grammar, writing tone, and the structuring of your arguments is going to need to be improved.

- Decide what your purpose is and stick to it. In other words, are you simply a blog dedicated to posting factual news updates about the Rangers or the NHL at large? Will you also be offering opinions? Whatever you decide, be consistent.
- Lastly, I like the layout as it's simple and easy on the eyes. However, I would recommend that you re-work the opening gif as the grey font on top of the NHL logo is impossible to make out.
im thinking a little of both. its easier for me to offer opinions on ranger news since its really what i see a lot more of. id put up some news but offer opinions on anything i feel i should/can

as for the grammar mistakes, im just not a great at typing lol
hopefully ill improve with more time doing it

ive also been trying to change the layout, still trying to figure out a little bit

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