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Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
yea no chance he regains his glory days

and for the record THIS is what the Russian league has.....older NHL guys who cant make it anymore
Like Radulov right...? OH, thats right I remember now, he was supposed to be a promising future NHL star. Jaromir Jagr can't make it in the NHL today? I thought he still had over 70 points during a bad year and was easily the most dominant player in the NHL playoffs until he was eliminated. But if you say the Russian league only has players who can't make it anymore than I have to believe it.

If Nedved has a good camp and genuinely out performs a younger player he should genuinely get the spot. This is a ridiculous argument. The fact that he is older or his name is "Nedved" shouldn't even play a role. If he can play better than a young kid than he gets the spot. If he can't than let him walk away.

"Just Wide Nedved" did score more than any other ranger over the same period of time... Don't you guys know that? I think its funny to give a guy who was never anything more than a "good" center in his career a bunch of flack when he led the franchise in goals over the same period of time and he was the number one target typically for opposing teams to shut down sadly. It's not his fault he played on a bad team.

Nedved, career as a NYR, 478GP, 149G + 202A, 351PTS.... AVG of 25G and 35A a season and 60PTS.

Yet, we signed a center, Scott Gomez, who averages 67PTS per season in his career and has only broke 20 goals ONCE, yet a lot of us rave about this guy as our future... I don't get it. Can someone please explain this one to me? Or Chris Drury who everyone was so excited to sign who has averaged 25G 35A and 60PTS per season... And Nedved wasn't on a playoff team or making $7.1 million a year. I don't know, it just doesn't add up to me the flack that he got.

People need to find better things to complain about like how... None of our promising, hyped up draft picks ever turned out to be anything; Maholtra, Brendl, Lundmark, Montoya, etc; the list goes on and on. People should complain about the scouting our organization did for so many years. Or the decisions that Sather made managing the team, a different coach every other year, etc; But somehow "Just Wide Nedved" gets the flack? I don't get it and I never will.

It's not his fault he had a few great years in Pittsburgh is it? Ranger fans always had the unrealistic expectation of that Nedved on our horrible team that couldn't make a right decision for seven years or make the playoffs.

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