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Originally Posted by Africa. View Post
I woudn't have gotten mad if she hadn't been so rude about it. She leaned over and said '' shut off your ******* phone '' not even a please, or in a nicer choice of words. As for mooks...why are you passing judgement? I am not insecure, nor is there nothing going on in my life, I'm happy, and live well with the people who respect me. Once again, it's not like I go around hitting people who haven't done anything to me, yes I enjoy the rush of a fight, but I'm sure I'm not the only one out there.

No offense, but I just get the vibe that because you've been in fights with a*sholes, you feel the need to stereotype everybody. I'm not like that. I'm naturally nice to people, until they give me a reason not too, and when they do, that's when I start getting rude, and then, sometimes, a fight happens.

I've appreciated the suggestions of some people on here, but some people are being straight ********** about it. I would never be able to hit someone in the head with a pipe, or something of the sort, because that's just not me, but I do get into fist-fights, and some people are replying like I'm a thug.
Don't take my opinion as an insult. You started a thread and i simply voiced my thoughts. If you're seeking tips, then you must have identified a problem that, in your opinion, needs to be addressed. So if I'm posting like something is out of the ordinary with the way you handle ignorant people (and there are PLENTY) then you shouldn't take offense.

I've met people with your demeanor and have been in confrontations with them. Heck, some are even people I chill with. I'm really not stereotyping yourself as a thug (seeking advice in a forum doesn't fit that bill) but you have to realize that insecurity takes many forms and can be expressed in different ways. You might think you're not but, in essence, at the very core of it all, it is insecurity.

There have been many helpful replies and my previous post contains questions which I truly feel you need to meditate on if you really want to control your anger. I'm not trying to be a prude (I'm 24), but I cant pretend that your behavior is normal for the sake of being e-nice.

You want a practical tip? As an exercise, the next time you feel blood rushing to your head from someone disrespectful, do the complete opposite of what you would normally do. Whether it's ignoring the person or walking away, let the the moment pass and see how you feel.

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