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08-03-2008, 03:20 AM
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I used to throw down quite a lot until I turned 18. I could be in a bar and someone would give me lipp and I would talk back and we would get it on. It just seemed like the thing to do since I have a black belt in full contact karate and could not imagine walking away from a provocation. I have been stabbed and had bottles crusched over my head and have scars on my forehead and hands. But once I turned 18 and realised that would go to jail next time I broke someones nose and the police caught me I started thinking. Since I fought so much I have developed a 6th sence concerning the type of guys that are looking for troubble and as soon as I smell it around someone I now walk away. And now that I am older and have a nice job and don't hang out in places where fights occur it is not so much of a problem anymore. It's hard when you are young and feel like the other person is getting away with provoking you without experiencing the consequenses of their aggression.

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