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08-03-2008, 07:19 AM
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I bounced for four years.. when you run into the wrong guy.. you will probably end your fighting career.. and by the way he doesnt have to be 350lbs.. I have a few friends that are 5 foot 8 and 185lbs that could probably tear you apart... when you end up hurt for weeks, or with something broken and you miss summer you will slow down the fights.

Trust me there is always someone better and at 16 (nothing personal) there are alot of guys better at fighting than you... and just think more and more guys are carrying knives and perhaps guns... you might only want to take it to fists but if you embarass someone...they may take it to the next level..

start asking yourself what really is making you mad... and solve that problem

family, school, girls, work, friends, there is an issue ... solve it.

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