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08-03-2008, 10:35 AM
shred photog
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I was never quite as aggressive as you describe, but I did tend to get in people's faces if they gave me ****. I used to take more risks in general at that age. Now I'm older, getting married in a couple weeks, and it really puts things in perspective. Is is worth it to tell the wrong dude to go **** himself, and end up dead in a back alley?

I dunno, you're still 16 and not likely to be dealing with people that would kill you for fighting, but give it a few years and take it to the streets or a nightclub, and your attitude will get you ****ed, eventually.

Same goes with every risky behavior - driving recklessly, binge drinking, hiking in dangerous places... kids do alot of dumb **** that they eventually grow out of when they realize the rewards of drifting around a corner on a dirt road isn't worth the risk of getting destroyed by a logging truck. You'll grow out of it once the responsibilities in your life increase - the fact that you realize its a problem is a good sign. Like others, I'd suggest channeling your aggression into something positive, like a martial art.

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