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08-03-2008, 10:32 AM
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Actualy i did MMA and boxing in Victo for a year and it didn't help me at all, it accentuated my problem, i thought i could take anyone. With age i just became a completly clam person who react with calm in every situation, i think it changes when your at peace with yourself. Personnaly the more a situation in my life would frustrate me, the more i would challenging people and be aggressive in situation that had nothing to do with my frustration.

So i just learned that all this was ******** and that i had nothing to prove to anyone, and my life and art would never benefit from that, it would only slow me down to atain my goal. I'm quite cerebral thought.

And the vast majority of people are not intelligent, you can just talk them out of it in a very manipulative way.

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