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08-03-2008, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Nobody's contesting the fact that you might change your position when you go to upper levels. My point is that how do we know that Higgins is bad at that position when we saw him for how many games now? And the point of the poster that saw him play at Yale was to say that despite all the highlights of his college career, he wasn't even that good anyway. League thought he shined, the poster didn't think so.

But then my point is this....if it's good for Higgins to be moved from center to winger, why can't it be good for Lapierre? Why is it more obvious for Higgins to be moved than it could be for Lapierre who clearly in his defensive zone doesn't know what to do and he's not the greatest puck distributor as well. 'Cause contrary to Higgins, we're used to see Max at center and it feels confortable?

IMHO, if Higgins improves his faceoffs skills, and if Chipchura has to start in the 4th line, we would be better with Higgins at the center position than Lapierre.
My counter question is: why did the Canadiens move him to the wing almost from day one, despite the fact he was a centre in the NCAA? They must have let him skate his position when he first arrived, but they obviously thought better of it very quickly. As he gets better though, maybe someday he'll be able to play either responsibly.

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