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06-15-2004, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Park #2
When drafting, you are drafting assets into your organization. It would be nonsensical to draft anything but the best player available, unless there was a drastic circumstance. You build depth in the organization at each position - and if you feel the goaltender is the best fit with your organization, you must take him.

By building assets, you allow yourself to trade for other needs in the future. Was there an uproar when Lou Lamoriello drafted both Ari Ahonen in the 1st round in 1999 or JF Damphousse in the 1st in 1997 despite having Martin Brodeur?

In the same breath, the Devils took Niedermeye with their 1st in 1991 - and had a pretty set defensive lineup by 1993. Did they stop drafting defensemen? No, they drafted Bombadir, McAlpine, Modry, Jason Smith, Cal Hulse, Sheldon Souray, etc - to build their portfolio of assets so that they could trade for other needs and still have balance.

The Islanders took Loungo with their first #1 in 97, then Dipietro in 2000 with #1 overall. Of course, they probably chose the wrong one to keep, but even so, they were able to trade one of those guys for forwards that they needed.

If you owned a ferrari, and someone offered you a $100,000 Porsche or a $30,000 Ford Explorer - would you not take the Porsche because you already had a sportscar? Or would you take the Porsche, and sell either the Porsche or Ferrari for $100,000 then buy another type of car?

Montoya really likes the Rangers - and the Rangers like players that want to come here. I'm not saying he's going to be the pick - but it wouldn't shock me, and it wouldn't shock many other teams.

It's a little ridiculous to say something like, "This would be the dumbest thing ever" or "This would make no sense" when many haven't seen any of the guys play.
In theory all of the above that you've said makes complete sense. I agree, BPA is the way to go everytime, no doubt. But sometimes things are not so black and white. The Devs example doesn't work for me. You're talking about a team that had drafted Shanahan, MaClean, Muller, Guerin & many depth forwards all before the 1990's. Taking D-men at that point made sense. Yeah, they took Niedermayer in 1991 when they had defensive prospects, but they also had the #11 pick that year and took Rolston. My point being they had alot of depth from many horrible years in the eighties, so in the 90's they could afford to use picks on whoever they thought were the best available players, they had few weak areas on their prospect list. Taking Brodeur wasn't so bad, it'd been 5 years since they drafted a high profile goalie(Burke), not like our situation where we just took Blackie a few seasons ago. Damphousse & Ahonen - look at them now, those were ok picks, but still questionable, I could name ten goalies they couldve had that are similar that wouldn't have cost them a 1st rounder.

The Isles situation is even worse. Milbury couldve had Heatley or Gaborik and STILL wouldve had Luongo in net.

Everyone keeps saying if you have all these goalies like NJ & Buffalo you trade them eventually for other parts you need. You mean if i take Montoya in this draft he or Blackie or HL will bring back a player like Olesz, Ladd, or Tukonen? I just don't see those trades being made nowadays.

I've seen almost every player thats headed for the 1st round this year(besides a few BCHL/OHL prospects), and almost every NCAA prospect available in this draft. I kind of like to think i know something about the draft and prospects from watching NCAA, Juniors, and International Tourney's for the last 16 years. Yes, you take the best player available, but if you're telling me that the Ranger's brass see Montoya as a Porsche and all the others who are top ten in this draft as Chevy Nova's for one reason or another i'd think they need to get a new way of evaluating these guys. The interview process seems to loom large for Slats and Co and i'm not sure thats always the best measure of sizing up an 18 year olds abilities on or off the ice.

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