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06-15-2004, 11:48 AM
Blatny Spears
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Originally Posted by PantherboyHTR
Which would inturn screw ATL over if you kept them both. Teams would realize that there is no way they could keep them both in the future (for contract reasons, and player playing-time demands) and would eventually be forced to trade one. This would greatly lessen the value of whoever the decide to trade.
Not necessarily. It's true that Atlanta loses some leverage in that teams would know there's no point in having two terrific goalies and that Atlanta would have to deal one, but that loss of leverage is more than offset by the number of bidders that would be out there seeking the services of either Luongo or Lehtonen.

Buffalo's problem isn't that they're dealing from a position of weakness, it's just that the luster has worn off all three of their 'stud' young goalies. They were all overhyped and the Sabres have waited far too long to deal one or two of them.

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